September 18, 2021

TLChain Network is now a founding member of the newly launched global blockchain hub Decryption

TLChain Network is now a founding member of the newly launched global blockchain hub Decryption

Ground-breaking blockchain projects have begun to disrupt legacy systems and that is a positive thing for the future of technology and society. That is why TLChain opened the Decryption Blockchain Incubator in Europe, Bucharest.

They want founders looking to turn business-as-usual into the never-before-seen. Scouting entrepreneurs who eat, sleep, and breathe their start-up. The ambitious, the revolutionary, and the avant-garde are invited to get together. Decryption aims to be the gateway to Europe’s Crypto Valley where you can find a home among hundreds of strong connections and brilliant minds from around the world with similar interests and goals.

“Blockchain technology will play a massive part in that change. That is why they are bringing the sharpest minds and the brightest ideas together under one roof. Bringing the world’s most innovative thinkers and technologists together to use the most cutting-edge technologies of today. No matter what stage you are at, whether a first-time founder or a fast-growing startup, they have plenty to offer to help you thrive.”

This Hub targets companies from around the world that are applying blockchain and decentralization to meet demands from emerging markets, across the areas of food supply, environment, retail, media, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, urban planning, public sector, transportation, and logistics. Decryption Blockchain Incubator is committed to accelerating their growth by providing an early-stage venture capital with USD 100m in funding and in-house resources such as Marketing, IT, Legal, Financial, Marketing, Media Studio, Back Office, and Business support in +2000 SQM Office Spaces.

Decryption was created with the help TLChain Network to provide capital and resources to startups who are creating more open, transparent, and participatory systems using blockchains and other decentralization technologies. A team composed of mentors, founders, and ecosystem partners excited to collaborate with early-stage founders.

As part of the Decryption family, entrepreneurs have access to further follow-on funding opportunities from TLChain, a global alumni community network of entrepreneurs, and over $500k in perks from partners and leading infrastructure providers for selected start-ups projects, or fast-growing blockchain businesses. Decryption also organizes frequent events to help you grow your business, expand knowledge, and identify and connect with syndicate investors.