September 18, 2021

TLChain Mainnet Launches After Testnet Hits 285,000 Transactions per Second

TLChain Mainnet Launches After Testnet Hits 285,000 Transactions per Second

TLChain’s mainnet launches today with a DeFi app and staking opportunities.

It follows successful testnet results with more than 20 nodes in several countries, running at extremely high speeds of up to 285,000 transactions per second. A key goal of TLChain is to achieve global scalability for DeFi, Metaverse, and web3 markets.

What is TLChain and how does it work?

We are committed to building a more decentralized and smarter future. A world powered by technology, defined by millions of dreams, and empowering millions of people around the globe is what we aim to create. With many others in the crypto industry, we are developing decentralized infrastructure layers that connect people one-to-one around the world, form autonomous and purposeful communities, and give them tools to achieve their goals. Samer Fatoum — CEO

TLChain is a redesign of Layer 1 blockchain technology with the aim of achieving global scalability and near instant transaction speed.The fact that the TLChain network is live, capable of processing thousands of transactions per second, with a 0.0005 TLC transaction cost, and a 3 sec latency, is crucial, and equally so is the intuitive simplicity of the Decryption web app. Together, the deep vertical integration of the TLChain network and Decryption web app, open a new adoption path for the next million people that are about to join.

TLChain on the Red Carpet

What: Layer 1 blockchain, Proof of Authority, WebAssembly

(WASM) VM, Smart Contracts

When: project started in 2018, Mainnet live January 2022,

How: Secure Proof of Authority (To be Upgraded)


Performance: 89,800 current TPS Mainnet, 3s block time, $0.000001 tx cost, can scale beyond 100,000 (285,000TPS in testnet)

Tokens: TLChain Standard Token (TL20), embedded in protocol, fast & inexpensive to mint & transfer, FT, SFT, NFT

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