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Mint, Stake, Swap, Lend, Borrow, Build, Level up with Metaverse and NFT’s - a Full-Suite Decentralized and Multi-Chain DeFi Platform with a foundation built on TLChain. An entire ecosystem designed for the future.

TLChain Network

Powerful new features
for solving challenges

Extremely Scalable

The PoA enables TLChain to build a sustainable and scalable blockchain ecosystem that sets the standard for the future of finance. The TLChain Network is growing fast thanks to the unique combination of features that wouldn’t be possible without its innovative consensus algorithm.

Prioritized Security

We’ve built an environment with layers upon layers of protection. We keep our blockchain hack-free with our proof-of-authority network and deterministic master node list that’s derived from on-chain transactions. We’re confident that your assets always stay safe.


All significant modifications suggested to TLChain Network,  are extensively discussed online by important parties. The core development team, other developers, Institutional clients, researchers, and the end-user community are all significant players.

Lighting-Fast Speeds

We weren’t kidding when we said our blockchain is tremendously fast, performing 100,000+ transactions per second (TPS) with a confirmation time of 3 seconds. This ultra-fast speed is meant to meet today’s mainstream needs.

Decentralized Network

Deal directly with other traders. TLChain is censorship-resistant, so you don’t need to deal with a third party. You can conduct peer-to-peer transactions on a network that’s not controlled by central authorities like banks.


Do you have investments in other blockchains like Fantom or BNB Chain? Migrate assets like tokens from other blockchains using the TLChain Bridge. Now you don’t need to use separate software to interact with other applications.

EVM compatible

Lasting change takes TLChain values.

TLChain supporters are invited to take part in the TLSquad, a program aimed at assisting them in contributing to the ecosystem and working with the core team. The ecosystem needs your skills, whether they are in community management, content creation, social media, events, technical support, or anything else.

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Functional products in the ecosystem


Speed in TPS


Created Assets


Sqm of office spaces around the world

The ability to make a global impact requires a global presence.

With our collaborative effort across multiple time zones and cross-functional teams, we help the world move toward a more profitable future. Currently, we have offices in Abu-Dhabi, Bucharest, Gibraltar, and Dubai

And this is only the beginning,
just imagine

A collection of digital applications or satellite projects built on the TLChain infrastructure and intended to contribute to the development of the ecosystem

T Factory
NFT Portal
CC Bridges
Wallet Suite
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Built by developers,
for developers

To provide state-of-the-art solutions, TLChain conducts comprehensive research and development. To achieve our goals, we are closely collaborating with our partners and research institutes around the world.
TLChain provides the tools you need for building fast, scalable, and secure distributed applications. TLChain is designed to be EVM-compatible.


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